Despre POINT

Through exhibitions, screenings, artist residencies and theatre plays, the cultural hub POINT aims to be a Powerhouse. The creative pivot that galvanizes emerging artists to innovate, think forward and elevate audiences that chase knowledge.

As a laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary arts, we aim to foster a restless cultural community in Bucharest by challenging the minds of all citizens even if their interests rest in another domain (a.i. science, biology, psychology, art, technology and so on).

At the same time, POINT balances a commitment to experimentation with a commitment to showcase well established artists.

Our Mission

is to support the creative risks taken by artists from diverse genres, cultures and perspectives. We educate, elevate and inspire our citizens by being affordable, non-hermetic and easy to relate with. Therefore, an ambitious suite of new initiatives and programs will be launched in autumn, in response to the cross-disciplinary nature of our endeavours.

The 2017 - 2018 season will showcase international provocative performances, some already scheduled, as well as local talents (fully supported theatre plays by us).

Our Vision

Establish Bucharest on the map of European Outstanding Hubs.

Be the Cultural Hotspot meant to inspire people to discover and love the performative arts.

We invest in outstanding minds that are driven to create an international programme that crosses the traditional theatre and visual art forms. Genuinely, innate, appealing for each and every citizen.

Our Arhitecture

The hub is a patrimony building with cultural heritage, unfolding itself on 3 versatile levels equipped with moveable furniture in order to accommodate any type of event.

A gourmet kitchen is always at the public disposal, as well as a bar with mixologists, a theatre scene, a garden terrace and a basement, mostly used for private parties and concerts to stay true to its DNA of multi-disciplinary venue. Each floor has a capacity of around 120 people.

Its architecture and design are already internationally-awarded.

360 tour inside the historical venue with industrial design

Internațional, Românesc, Cafenea, Cultural Hub

Parcare publică

Dacia / Ultracentral

Eremia Grigorescu 10

L, Ma Închis
Mi 18:00 - 23:00
V, S, D 11:00 - 23:00

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