Despre Salon Golescu

Dear Guest, welcome! We are more than proud to have you taken care of. To this reason we do our best to offer you fresh and healthy food and drinks, music we consider to be the most appropriate and well trained service. Therefore we are continuously looking for healthy products and we are happy to introduce to you our cocktails prepared with fresh lime juice and low cal agave syrup, our gluten free cola and our organic wines…just to name a few. We are also conscious in supporting local production. Every time we find an opportunity we source the kitchen from small farms outside Bucharest and we stock our bar with locally produced wines. But these are just little things we do to make sure you have a wonderful experience. Because most of all, in this establishment you'll always be awarded with the greatest gift we can offer you...and that's our smile :)

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Ateneul Român / Ultracentral

Nicolae Golescu 17

12:00 - 00:00

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