Despre Terminus

It has been known for years as “the oldest pub in town” but few people know its actual story. The story goes way back to the end of the 20th century, around the year of 1910 when Terminus was just a basement tavern. What can we say….if only these walls could speak, if only they could share the stories, the emotions time left behind along with the people that passed through this place.

People used to come here to enjoy a drink and it was the perfect place for socializing over a glass of wine or strong liquor and whenever it was time to retire home it was the place that never allowed people to go home empty handed……there were always barrels of drinks leaving the place.

Out of respect for its history, the nowadays pub still maintains the 2 gutters that were used for climbing down the big barrels of different types of alcohol. They are the 2 window floors outside the entrance of the pub on which you probably stepped on many times….and for new comers….we are positive you will test them just the to see if they really hold you…it has truly become a tradition.

In 1997 major rehabilitation constructions have started and have lasted for 1 year.

In 1998 the pub has reopened its doors with a new, fresh Irish influence. Why Irish? There’s a story behind everything…and this one goes back to one day, prior to the rehabilitation constructions, when an Irish bartender stepped in for a drink….and kind of never left. He fell in love with a beautiful waitress and decided to stay and change the entire appearance and atmosphere of the place. Let’s say…. make it more like home. And it has been a huge success.

For years, this English bulldog, that became Terminus’s mascot, absolutely delighted customers who were coming here especially to enjoy a drink with him. We do have to admit that after a while the dog was sent to the countryside for rehab but we can assure you that he had a beautiful, long life, longing for his time in Terminus when we was entertaining our guests.

We also value and promote art that is why we have chosen to use as many paintings as possible and promote national artists. Come and check out our walls!

Throughout the years, many vibrant figures have crossed our step door, many names that we will not mention out of respect for their desired privacy and for choosing Terminus for their private relaxing moments.

Since several years ago, Terminus has become one of the favorite places to party in Bucharest also for many Hollywood actors. We partied hard with Billy Zane, Van Damme, Josh Hartnett, Kiefer Sutherland, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Steven Seagal and many more…… and we’re still waiting for Che Guevara .

We value very much the feelings that bring our guests here and give our truly best for that feelings to grow and bring them back again and again for another round of various emotions that this place has to offer - happy moments, guilty pleasures, new people, different nationalities……AND MORE, so much more…

Terminus Pub …..AND MORE

Club, Cocktail Bar, Evenimente, Internațional, Românesc

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Victoriei / Ultracentral

Str. George Enescu nr.5

L - Închis
M - J 12:30 - 24:00
V - S 12:30 - 02:00
D - 12:30 - 24:00

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